Divine providence

Divine providence

If you play your part in a very clean/clear way, in alignment with TRUTH, its not possible that the Universe/Divine won’t have your back. The universal spiritual law will ensure you all your needs, it can’t be other way. You do your part – truly that is the only thing you can “control” or are responsible for – and the Universe/God will support you in all your ways. Even when the night is dark and tides are low, Divine providence will support you, that’s for sure. Don’t despair, keep your eyes/heart above, because the “how” is uncertain, but the “when” is for sure. TRUST Divine timing and keep the FAITH. The Universe/Divine have their own unique ways.

© 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: Glegle in Pixabay

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