Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Contemplating Nature is being present in the classroom of life. Each day, the teacher
provides deep spiritual insights and many universal truths, all invaluable for an awakened state and balanced life. Here I list some of the spiritual lessons learned so far:

  • Be patient – beautiful things take time. From seed to flower, time and refinement is required. Days and nights, sun and moon, physiological and morphological changes and adaptations… all invoking time and the virtue of patience. Ask an orchid about patience and she will answer you with the most magnificent work of art.
  • Be grateful – accepting all that is for what it is with a grateful heart, while taking the most out of it for your personal growth, is one of the greatest teachings from Nature. A tree accepts the place where she was planted and the sunlight that kisses her everyday with the same grateful heart as she accepts the storms that comes to shake her. Because intrinsically she “knows” that the storm is unburdening her from the old (leaves/branches). Everything has meaning and happens for a reason. Pleasant and unpleasant experiences are all opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Root deep – the deeper the roots, the stronger the tree. Allow your roots to grow deep within the fertile soil of your soul. Being well, soul rooted equates a better ability to hold on during life storms. The question is not if they will come, because they will, but rather when they come, will you be ready? Get prepared in advance – root deep inside.
  • Grow up – Ascension is part of the reason for being alive on Earth. As the trees (and most plants), always seek for the light and grow upwards towards the greatness of the Sky. Because Spirit calls from above, and is from there that light is being poured to bless you and your life.
  • Seek for balance – natural, undisturbed ecosystems exist in a steady state. When any disturbance occurs, whether natural or human-induced, nature adjusts its processes until equilibrium is reached again. As nature, when something disrupt your natural divine state of being, adjust all aspects of your being/life to bring in balance and live in harmony.
  • Soar high – an eagle rise high to gain perspective and to see clearly. In the same way, zoom out from your current situation(s) and take advantage of the “big picture” perspective. An holistic sight provides you a much wider, integrated perception of life, granting you the power of discernment to choose the best for all.
  • Blossom to all – a plant doesn’t blossom to some and wilt for others. A plant blossom to all, while being aware that it’s up to them to see/appreciate her beauty. Your inner beauty is meant to be shared with all and is independent of others opinions/reactions. Blessed are those who stop to see and smell the roses.

Honoring Nature teachings is honoring life. Ultimately, is honoring ourselves and being able to celebrate who we truly are – beautiful flowers from the garden of the Divine planted on Earth to spread the fragrance of LIGHT.

© 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: LwcyDesign in Pixabay

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    1. Thanks dear Amira for your feedback, kind words and re-blogging. I look forward for your haiku, I just love haiku… in few words they hold much essence… Sending you blessings of light, enjoy your day. S*


    1. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedback and kund words. I am glad it resonated. Much love, S*


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