Thank you Angels

Thank you angels

The angels of light and the light of angels bless me and uplift me each day towards my greatness. To the ones that came in to stay, all my gratitude and appreciation:

For the angelic experiences and your unique ways. For the “wings” that have my back each day (my guardian angels). For the companions God put by my side to guide/protect me in all my ways. For my trustworthy friends and light family. For the ones that are always with me, never leaving me alone… a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Many things have happened since I opened the door, many others are yet to unfold, still I just want you to know how grateful I am for having you here. For what was, for what is yet to come, I just want to express what the heart feels and sometimes I forget to say – Thank you for being with me and for allowing me to see… the light, the path, the magic of life and God’s ways. Life/times turned out to be very magical since you walk/fly with me.

Expressing gratitude towards the angels it’s a great way of strengthening our connection with these light messengers. By doing so, we are acknowledging their presence/work, and at the same time, we are inviting other angelic blessings/experiences into our life. Gratitude is the basis of Kyle Gray great work with the angels, acting as a liaison between this realm and the next. Acknowledging the angels in advance for their help/blessings/guidance/healing/protection as if they have already been provided have amplified effect in what concerns to angels assistance. Try for your self and watch the angels operating magic in your life.

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14 thoughts on “Thank you Angels

      1. Sunny and calm with mild temperatures… an invitation to be out… we are very blessed to live in a tranquil city by the sea… In the light, with love, S*


    1. Thank you Angels! Their light, their blessings, their magic… and I am grateful to have them near, and I am grateful for guiding you to them… Blessed we are… Angels blessings into your heart. S*

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      1. Thank you so very, very much – feel a gentle feather touch in my heart hearing your words “Angel blessings into your heart” sweet, beautiful like spring breeze. Thank YOU!

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