The divine language of silence

The divine language of silence

Silence is the spiritual language of the soul/heart. Silence is the language of the Divine. Silence is the gateway to recapture our essence and restore from within. In silence, we are able to heal and nurture the soul. In silence, we are able to “listen” our higher self and the Source. In silence, we can open up to higher divine guidance from beyond. In silence, we can tune in with the pace of Existence and live in alignment with higher purpose.

Cultivating silence within is inviting the light to enter the soul. Ultimately, silence equates enlightenment. No admire that most forms of meditations rely on silence. No admire that the atmosphere of most temples is filled with silence. Silence is invaluable on our spiritual journey and much required for spiritual growth. In silence, the soul is able to realize itself and to have greater insight about all things/beings. In silence, the soul is able to get closer to the Divine.

For this and much more, make sure that among the million things you have in agenda in your so busy daily life, you also make time to “listen” in/the silence.

Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation.


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