The angel of your home

The angel of your home

Do you know that each home has its own angel? He is the angel/guardian of your home. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you acknowledge his presence or not, he still there and he is responsible for the safety and harmony of your home. When we became aware of his presence, we can consciously work with him so that we can improve/uplift the environment of our home holistically, creating a safe, high vibrational space for us and our dear ones, a space where we can live in profound harmony and well-being.

Lately, I started to work more often/actively with the angel of my home. I became more aware of his presence realizing that I have been feeling it for years. The angel of my home is a beautiful white-orange light being with a feminine dominant energy. Being more aware of her presence/energy and wanting to “work” intentionally with her, took me towards a closer relationship with this guardian of my home. By now, I know her name and where her presence is more intense around my home. In her company (and of my guardian angels), I consecrated my home as “my home” (even though I am aware that I really have nothing here upon Earth, I am just a carer/trustee of what God/Universe provided me with), something I realize I had never done in almost 20 years living here. We both had crystal grid my home, placing crystals at the 4 corners plus a black tourmaline over the door way for clearing/protection of my home inner space. I call her while at home to help me clear/arrange the space and things all around in the most harmonious way so the good energies can come in and stay. Move this plant over there, check the dust over that corner, remove this item from here, de-clutter that drawer/cupboard, smudge your space, draw protective symbols on the windows/door, get rid of the old, obsolete stuff, etc are some of the angelic inspirations I have been receiving from her. Even when I am out, I ask her to embrace my home with light and silence, peace and harmony, keeping it safe/protected (and all who live there) from all forms of harm.

This has been a beautiful angelic experience, and together we are improving the energy of my home, which to me is my sacred space and refuge. I hope you feel inspired to get to know the light being responsible for your home and together you can raise your home energetic frequency and bring in extra protection so all who live there (pets and plants included) can live in deep peace, love and harmony.

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13 thoughts on “The angel of your home

  1. Thank you for passing by and share. I am sending you angel blessings 😇 to you and your home and your life. Take care 🌼 beautiful soul. S*

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  2. Thank YOU beautiful one for your feedback… just bringing you new perspectives/ways. I hope that you can work with the angel of your home and make it (even) a better place…😇 In the light, with love, S*

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  3. ah so thank you for your reply. actually I should move next week and haven’t found a suitable place with suitable price, do you think make my current house a temple will help me to found the right apartment? (i need itnext week, my goodness!)


  4. In that case ask archangel Michael and your guardian angel to help you find the right home for you… taking into account financial issues too… Ask and they will guide you into the right right way/home… Ask them and look for signs, ask them and be open to receive… God/Universe/angels won’t leave you alone in this. I am sending you all my blessings and best wishes for the great home you will find (or will find you 😊) to live in. Open up to receive… it is already on your way. Much love & light, S*

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  5. I knew this thing but I almost totally forgot about it, because I have been living alone by myself and seldom pay attention to my “house” (I can hardly call it home), I often let things scattered and dirty, even an angel would think twice to decide whether or not to live in my apartment, lol

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  6. Keeping things clean and tiddy is like welcoming the angels. It’s important physically as well as energetically/spuritually. Thing of your house as your private temple. And temples are kept clean, silent, full of peace and divinity. Invite the angel of your home to help you with this… and you’ll see how much difference does it make (for the best) for you – clear mind, clear heart, awaken soul, peaceful life. It’s true holistic self-care/love. Take good care of yourself 🌼 you deserve it. S*

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