Spiritual tools for an uplifted life

Spiritual tools for an uplifted life

In spite of spiritual awakening and development being a very “enlightening” thing, it can also be very overwhelming and sometimes even very painful/disorienting. Fortunately, we are not alone on our spiritual path, and along with the available spiritual support from this realm (e.g. soul mates) and the next (e.g. angels, guides), we can also count on a variety of spiritual tools that can ease harsh times and empower spiritual growth. They are very supportive on our journey towards the light, facilitating higher states of consciousness, as well as higher energetic frequency/vibration. Here I list some of my favorite spiritual tools, invaluable companions of my spiritual journey:

  • CrystalsCrystals are great allies for spiritual growth. These energetic beings vibrate at a different/higher frequency, providing us the help to uplift our own energy. Choosing high vibrational crystals such as selenite, kyanite, lemurian seed, black turmaline, amethyst or others you feel drawn to can provide you with the “push” you need to step into the next level of your spiritual journey.
  • Oracle/Tarot cards – Cards provide higher guidance in accordance with your stage/path. Sometimes they will bring you meaningful messages, others reassurance that all is well, but the most important thing is that they always provide higher support and a sense that you are not/never alone. Choose the cards that most resonate with you, considering their main theme, imagery, messages, etc. Oracle or Tarot (or both), it’s just a question of what works best for you.
  • Candles – Lightening a candle have been a sacred act for millennia, an ancient invocation of the LIGHT – our own light and the light of the Divine. It is by itself, a call for high spirit realms/beings of light. A candle mirrors our own sacredness and divinity, while dispelling inner and outer darkness. No admire that for immemorial times, temples have been filled up with candles/deepak, and all sorts of spiritual practices/rituals use them a wild. All because they are a reminder/celebration of our own spiritual essence, pointing us the way back home.
  • Incense – Burning incense equates spiritual cleansing. Its important to use natural, herbal ingredients/incenses that dismiss toxic substances and additives. The quality of your incense means the quality of their “service”, and ultimately, of your vibration/energy. Sage and Palo santo (my favorites) are well known for their clearing, uplifting properties. Whether on your home or on yourself, they have the ability to clear lower/dense/negative energy and raise your vibration. Choose the scent/herb that is more appealing and effective to you.
  • Essential oils – These pure, plant oils have a profound effect on our mind, body and soul, transmuting mood, exhaustion, confusion (and other lower states/feelings) into a clear, awaken and wellness state of being. For instance, lavender is very relaxing and “spiritual”, while rosemary will help you with a clear, focused mind. Rose will help you to invoke and to be more receptive to love. Make sure you choose organic, high-grade essential oils from a trustworthy supplier. They will add a boost on your energy/vibration. Using them to create your own beauty care products, as well as your eco-friendly cleaning products, have a protective/caring effect on your energy, not just on the environment.
  • Music – The right tune have the power to change your vibration. Whether you choose relaxing, meditative, classic or angelic music, or you prefer nature sounds, singing bowls or Solfeggio frequencies, all will have an uplifting effect on your state/mood/vibration shifting your awareness/feelings into a more awakened, peaceful state. Simply make sure you choose high vibrational music/tunes that resonate with your soul.
  • Statues/Images – Whether of your favorite angel/archangel or of your Saint/Ascended Master, as a statue or an image, they all call us towards the sacred and the light. Acting as a liason between this realm and the next, they help us to remember and get in tune with higher beings/realms, drawing their light/blessings/help into our here and now. Statues/images may be specially important/powerful if you are highly clairvoyant (as I am).

Spiritual tools are valid helpers for our spiritual path, providing us with the energy/vibration/clarity that push us towards ascension/light. Even though they are tremendously helpful, often even crucial for our spiritual development, it’s important to be aware of their role, avoiding to get lost on it. They are the means to raise our awareness/vibration, the ones helping us to get the “job” done, not the ones doing the “work” for us. If on the way we get too much “distracted” by the tools/means, somehow we are loosing ourselves there. The conscious use of spiritual tools is, as for so many other things in life, necessary for TRUE spiritual development/ascension. Wishing you a much supported and enlightened journey, upwards towards the LIGHT.

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7 thoughts on “Spiritual tools for an uplifted life

  1. Thank you dear Amira for your comments and presence… much appreciated ❤… Light blessings into your ❤

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  2. Thank you Susana for this wonderful post! (I especially liked the fact that you called crystals “These energetic beings”!!!) and thank you both for the music recommendations, I am going to take a listen to them,, and maybe share them in my blog 🙂 Thank you for your light! Amira ❤

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  3. Thanks dear Trina for your precious comments. I totally subscribe your music preferences (specially 100 000 angels by Bliss – much dear to my heart for un-imaginable reasons), as well as your comment on the “distractions” – its important to be aware of their role and to use them with awareness, otherwise we are loosing ourselves there. It’s important to be aware that ultimately even without them we are perfectly able to ascend. Light blessings into your heart, S*

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  4. My favourites are crystals, essential oils and music. I especially love listening to Enigma’s ‘The Child In Us’ or ‘Return To Innocence which never fail to uplift me. Also, the beautiful ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ by Bliss is another that speaks to my Soul.

    As I was reading, my thoughts roamed to a quote from Bashar (channelled by Darryl Anka), which fits so perfectly with your last paragraph of being aware of their distraction, Bashar calls these spiritual tools ‘permission slips’ as we don’t actually need them, but they can make us feel more able to link to the spiritual realm. I love that description!
    Love, Light & Blessings ❤

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