Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

Being a keeper of the light was a revelation I received along my spiritual path. Shortly, a keeper of the light is someone who consciously hold the light within and without. Even though this part is mostly a non-physical/subtle thing with much of “behind the scenes” and undercover lightwork, still there are practical ways of being a lightkeeper while living on Earth. Here I share some down-to-earth, everyday life ways I found to be in alignment with this part. I hope you feel inspired and join our light force:

  1. Be kind to all beings – Let your heart be a portal of divine love into this world. Live with a loving and compassionate heart, and let your kind words and deeds touch the heart of all beings you meet. Treat others as you would like to be treated, as ultimately, we all the same, part of the Divine creation. Of course, make sure you include YOURSELF in this task by remembering to be kind to yourself in the first place.
  2. Share your insights/wisdom – your unique spiritual insights and wisdom, as well as your wide, insightful perspective of life are meant to be shared. They can uplift, inspire and help others to re-frame their lives and clearly see the way. You will truly never know how much more “enlightened” they will be after being touched by your light.
  3. Help others – be a helping hand in whatever you can in a selfless way, and your benevolent help will help both of you in unimaginable ways. Let others go ahead, open a door for someone, carry someone’s heavy bag… Help others for no reason, just for the sake of it and immediately you will feel the Divine/Universe hand of blessings over your head. Your small gesture may mean the world to someone.
  4. Hold the goodness – by actively seek for the goodness in people or in situations, you are holding the light. Focus on what you want to grow because like attracts like. No matter how bad/dark people/situations may seem, there is always a bright side, and something good to emphasize. Holding the goodness is invoking the godliness in all things/beings, the Divine essence of “All that is”.
  5. Smile often – your sincere smile can touch a wilted heart and blossom a smile on others face. Whether to people you know or to complete strangers, smile as much as the sun shines, and dispel the darkness of someone’s “night”. You will never know when your smile will save someone’s day/life.
  6. Celebrate other’s success – Rejoicing on other’s achievements as if they are your own is celebrating the Universe abundance/goodness and inviting more of the same for everyone (you included). Being happy for others honestly, from the heart is living lightfull and free (from lower/toxic feelings and desires), while sharing light blessings all around.
  7. Spiritual blogging – writing from the heart soul-level contents under a spiritual context for the highest good of all is a wonderful way of contributing to a more enlightened world. Not only we are enlightening, clearing, healing and organizing ourselves at all levels, which is by itself of great service/care, as we are also helping others to do the same. It’s a win-win solution, globally amplified through the wonder of the web. Through spiritual blogging, we are able to inspire, uplift, awaken and enlighten one another and, therefore, add much light into our world.

Independent of the way you choose to be a keeper of the light, the essence is the same – to consciously embody your light, and while connected to the Source/Divine, share it with all. On your daily affairs, whether at home or at work, or when walking around, no matter how, just be the light and shine it to all. Each day, we have the opportunity to honor our privilege of being alive by consciously being a keeper of the light.

"I am align with the light, 
with my angels by my side,
flowing through space and time,
a lightkeeper in service of the Divine."

© 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: KimberleyJackson in Pixabay

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21 thoughts on “Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

  1. Thank YOU! It helped me remember once more – who i am and why i am here 🙂 Feel so blessed by a thousand rays of glittering rainbow lights all upon, around me and our beautiful blue Mother Earth.

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  2. Thank you beautiful one for your feedback and kind words. They somehow are fuel for my journey. Blessings of light, S*


  3. Thank you for your comments and presence. They are much appreciated. Our light is needed where we are in these times of change… divine pace divinely direct us to enlighted days. Light blessings into your ❤

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