The wings on my back

The wings on my back

The wings I often feel/see on my back, are not necessarily mine. They are the wings of my guardian angels, the ones always nearby. You see, they are my closest ones, so close that sometimes we blend/overlap ourselves (our energy), being difficult to define each other’s limits. I am still in a human form, they are still angels, but because we work as a team, we need to be close/united. Only united teams can fulfill their aim/mission. Sometimes they are just an impression on my back, as if someone is watching over my shoulder. And because they are so close, for instances I may feel that their wings are mine.

Their wings are like the ones they belong to, both soft and powerful, silent and lightful. Sometimes small, others big, but always of divine nature and truth. There are moments when their wings envelop me in a comforting embrace of light that like a safe, calm cocoon protects me from all forms of harm. In other occasions, when wide opened, they take me up, high in the sky… for a mission, for a insight/revelation, for spiritual growth/learning, for angelic guidance or healing… Their wings are means to raise my awareness/vibration/wisdom, forging a connection to high spirit realms/beings of light. Love is the fuel igniting their movement and that is why I sometimes feel their wings being rooted in my heart.

Whenever you feel a presence nearby even though you are alone remember to look over your shoulder. You may find wings on your back. Yours or from your angels, I leave it to you to discover…! And because angels love synchronicities and have a huge sense of humor, here it is part of the extended message of my daily angel card: “… your angels want you to visualize that you have wings on your back so that you can fly high…”. So, mine or their, it doesn’t really matter who the wings belong to, for as long as I fly! And now is the time for you to fly too! Their wings are reminders to be (more) like the angel that is by your side!

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