Angel affirmations to light up your life

Angel affirmations to light up your life

Affirmations are a powerful way of invoking the angels presence/energy/blessings into our life. They send out our intention to the Universe (when made out of awareness), which in return brings close the ones we are inviting along with their signs. Because we have free will, intention is required to set in motion the divine wheels for angelic experiences – “Ask and receive“. Here I list some of my favorite angel affirmations to awaken the angels awareness within, and experience a much lighter, protected and blessed life:

  • “Angels are with me” – as you say it, in your mind or aloud, feel/see their presence, feel/see them nearby. This affirmation is a direct invocation for the angels, which will promptly wrap you in their light. By adding “My” to the beginning of this affirmation, you are directly invoking your guardian angel(s) – “My angels are with me” is a straightforward way of communing with your closest ones.
  • Thank you angels for showing me what I need to see” – Being open to receive
    the angels help/guidance with a grateful heart is inviting them to light up our path so we can move forward in the right direction for the highest good of all. We may find ourselves gaining new perspectives/insights/solutions on our current situation/challenges. Also, pay attention to the angels signs and synchronicities, as they are angel replies to your request/affirmation.
  • Under Archangel Michael protection, protected from all forms of harm” – Archangel Michael is a powerful Archangel well-know for protection. Whenever you feel threatened or needing protection (whether physical or energetic), use this affirmation and visualize Archangel Michael shield of protection over you. I also like to see Him swirling his sword of light around me, encircling/sealing me inside a protective bubble of blue etheric light. Under his protection, we are protected from all forms of harm. Wherever you are/go, you are safe and under His sight.

Choose the affirmation that most resonates with you, and use it as a mantra or power affirmation along your day. Remembering it again and again will keep you in tune with angelic realms/beings and more aware of their help/presence. Angels are ALWAYS nearby, and just one though away (just waiting for our call). Through angel affirmations we are calling them in, while remembering ourselves of their ever-present presence. Awareness + Angels = Magical experiences!!! Give it a try!

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9 thoughts on “Angel affirmations to light up your life

  1. They are there… just waiting for your call… angel affirmations work wonders, within and without. 😇 Angel blessing into your ❤ S*

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  2. Thank YOU dearest one for your kind words. My words are just reminders for spirit, soul-chills to brings us back to awareness. In the light, S*

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