The value of our spiritual team

The value of our spiritual team

While having this human experience on Earth, we are truly NEVER ALONE. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a spiritual team – spiritual beings that work from behind the scenes on our behalf and in behalf of the mission we agreed to accomplish on this physical plane. This team is composed by our guardian angel(s) and our spirit guides. It can also include the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other spiritual beings such as animal guides, fairies, galactic beings, etc depending on our own journey/mission. We will have as many team members as we need to fulfill our divine assignment here, as well as the support needed for our spiritual growth. They are always available and personally dedicated, providing their help/support much beyond our apprehension, whether in trivial tasks or soul-level issues. Getting to know our spiritual team is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in life. Working with them in a close relationship and cohesive way, aggrandizes our soul, adding divine meaning and spiritual depth to this unique human life.

I would like to emphasize the word “team” here, because I believe it makes all the difference. When we realize we are part of a team, enters into our awareness that not only we are never alone, as we don’t have to do the work all by ourselves. We are the “hands” on this physical world, while the rest of the team resides in the spiritual realms. Yet, is from behind the scenes that great(est) spiritual input takes place, whether we realize/notice it or not. Our job is in part to decode their messages/signs and to TRUST. Our part is to follow their bread crumbs in order to move forward in the right direction. Together, we work as a special force, meaningfully gathered to fulfill a mission, joined specifically towards the same aim. It can be simple or complex, but it is always full of divine, cosmic purpose.

Whenever you need to start a task, or you feel you need guidance/advice, remember your spiritual team, because they are with/for you, always by your side. They are there/here whether you use them or not, but they will be blissfully delighted when you call them into the game of life – that’s their part. Their value? Well, they are invaluable… precious beyond measure, just measurable by the ways of the heart. Mind cannot comprehend the preciousness of magic and spirit, neither capture beyond physical world/sight. There is so much more than we can actually realize. The bigger picture comprehension may be out of our reach (at least partially), yet at a spiritual, soul-level, all is meaningful and happens out of purpose. We are here for a reason, they are with us on purpose, and all happens out of meaning… never, ever by chance. This is a sacred partnership in the “business” of the Divine for the highest good of all. And that is priceless!

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8 thoughts on “The value of our spiritual team

  1. Thank YOU beautiful Trina for your feedback and inspiring words/poems… they are food for the soul. Enjoy your day 🌞

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  2. Wonderful words of encouragement! I love the way you say we are the physical hands of a part of a Team, it brings together so many teachings into a perfect description. Thank you Susana. ❤

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  3. Thank you Leon for your kind, inspiring words. Your presence and words are much appreciated. In the light, many blessings, S*

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  4. 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞 . . . 🍞
    More than crumbs; sustaining loaves, your precious reminders!
    Gratitude for your trusting and allowing, Susana! 👼💛🙏

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  5. Thank you dear Carolan for your presence and feedback. They are much appreciated. I am glad it resonated. Light blessings into your ❤ S*


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