Trees greatest secret

Trees greatest secret

Thank you dear trees for showing me the secret of your strength:
being deep, well rooted on Mother Earth, while stretching upwards to embrace the Great Father in the Sky.

This was my spontaneous morning greeting to the trees living near my home. More than just huge Araucaria trees, they are my dearest friends in town. Today, they reminded me how important is to be grounded on the path of spiritual growth/ascension. Love you all sis., you live in my heart.

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9 thoughts on “Trees greatest secret

  1. I always get happy when I meet someone who talks to trees/nature as well! I talk to everything and sometimes laugh when I remember my neighbors can hear me out there chatting away to the trees, flowers, birds, etc. It’s a true joy visiting Your blog! My pleasure and Thank You for all You share!!! 🌲🌸🌞💖🤗

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  2. Happy to know there are other talking-to-trees fellows out there… the tribe is all over the world, recapturing/forging a sacred connection so much needed on Earth. Thank you for being here, I really appreciated. In the light, S*

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  3. Yes Susana,
    It is very important. I find when I ‘go out of gear’ with nature I lose all sense of who I am which is I suppose my spirituality. Thank you for the reminder which coincides with me uploading my plant and flower photos since January. My woods and park photos I post as I visit.

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  4. Thank you commenting dear Margaret. Indeed what can be more spiritual than Nature? In Nature I am at ease (natural) and I belong. Look forward to see your nature photos. Have a wonderful, much blessed day. S* 🌼🌻🌸🌹🌺🌲🍀🌱🌾🌴

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