3 Essential practices for spiritual growth

3 Essential practices for spiritual growth

Even though there isn’t such a thing as “one-size-fit-all” in what concerns to our spiritual journey, there are some basic spiritual practices that can be considered essentials for our spiritual growth/ascension. Because each one of us is a unique spiritual being, we may need to experiment/adapt our spiritual practice, so our practice can serve us the most. Besides, as we change/evolve along our spiritual journey is highly probable that we need to change/adjust our practice, otherwise we may find ourselves stuck on the way. We may feel that what had served us in the past no longer works, so its time to leave it behind. Its time to change and experiment new practices/rituals in order to step into the next level of our spiritual development. On the other hand, there are practices we tend to keep on our journey, as they empower/strength us from within, aligning us with our highest potential and soul light.

Here I list three essential spiritual practices I found ever-present along my spiritual path:

  • Meditation – Meditation is a crucial practice on the process of awakening and on being more and more aware. No admire that most spiritual paths consider one way or another type of meditation. In meditation, we are able to dwell in silence and “listen” beyond the noise of our own mind to experience our true nature beyond all veils of illusion of space/time. In touch with our soul, we develop self-awareness. In touch with the Divine, we are able to sync with higher guidance/wisdom/light. We are able to spiritually grow and, ultimately, be the light. We may need to try different types of meditation in order to choose the “right” meditation for us. Eventually, with practice, the day will come when our entire life will be a meditation, and our spiritual stage will be an Ode to life.
  • Grounding – Despite spiritual growth/ascension being all about going up, it is essential to get grounded down on Earth. What seems to be contradictory, it’s actually complementary. A tree cannot reach high in the sky (through her branches), if she’s not deep, well rooted into the ground. If she grows up without developing a strong root system, she will end up uprooted when facing the first storm/upheaval. Grounding is vital to take the most out this human experience on Earth and to evolve as spiritual beings. Visualization (e.g. growing roots down the Earth to ground ourselves on Gaia’s core and receive her energy), walking barefoot on Earth (e.g. Earthing), working with crystals (e.g. black tourmaline, black obsidian or hematite are excellent grounding crystals), eating root vegetables (e.g. carrot, potato, beat, etc), wearing earth colors are some of the ways to get grounded.
  • Smudging – It may sound clichet, but smudging ourselves and our space makes a huge difference on our state. Whether with sage or palo santo (or other, if you prefer), smudging is very supportive for our spiritual development. It clears the low/dense/toxic/negative/stagnant energies installed on our aura/body/energy, which somehow can block our stage/growth. Smudging ourselves/our space allows the soul to “breath” clear, fresh air and shine again. Your energy/state will be uplifted right away.

Have in mind that whatever the practice you choose on your spiritual journey, it’s important to take some time to consider/reflect if it’s really supportive for your spiritual growth. Make sure you are finding yourself through your spiritual practices, not the other way around. Now and then, check-in with your soul and see if is worthy/working for you. If not, let it go. If yes, keep it / improve it. Your freedom and awareness are the “spiritual-meters” you can trust on the go to higher stages/awareness. And within your heart, just know that you always know!

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9 thoughts on “3 Essential practices for spiritual growth

    1. Thank you dear Joshada for commenting. If you are very sensitive, you will notice the difference (when smudging)… give it a try! In the light, S*

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    1. Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice, or sacred ceremony, for clearing low vibrational energies. It is really important if you are a sensitive person, energetically speaking. In the light, with love, S*

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