Keeping the connection with the Earth alive

Keeping the connection with the Earth alive

Connecting with the Earth while living in the city can be really challenging. Many of us, for one reason or another, find ourselves living apart from Nature in urban, artificial environments. However, keeping the connection with Mother Earth/Nature alive is vital for our holistic well-being. In spite of distance, we are truly never apart and it’s up to us to feed this connection and our love for Her. Here I list some of the things that help me keep the connection with Mother Earth alive in my day-to-day life:

  • Indoor plants – If you can’t go to Nature, bring Nature to you. By surrounding ourselves with indoor plants, we are forging a connection with Mother Earth. Even in a small apartment, we can have lots of them. Not only they are a great decor for our home, as they cleanse/purify the environment, both physically and energetically. Remember that even a small pot carries the sacredness of natural environments and have the potential to re-connect us with the Whole. I call my bonsai “The Little Forest”, because in that small pot, lives a small community/ecosystem composed by a small tree, moss coverage, ferns, rocks and crystals, all connected/supported by the earth. Besides, taking care of our plants, even if it’s just watering them, get us in “touch” with the Earth.
  • Enjoy pets company – Good quality time shared with our pets makes us more alive and closer to Nature/Earth. Even though they have been domesticated, they still hold wilderness inside. With lots of magic in their eyes, sweetness in their hearts, pure joy in their plays, they have the power to emerge our natural side. They are Nature’s special agents in disguise sent in mission to reconnect us with the wild.
  • Go to a park or city garden – visiting the nearby parks or city gardens brings us closer to Earth/Nature. These natural sanctuaries are spiritually relevant, both at a individual- and global-level. Have you notice the silence, peace and harmony they emanate? Have you notice how much more aligned you feel when you spend some of your time there? Dwell in the magic of the natural realm and allow these natural mini-oasis to re-connect you again.
  • Make friends with a tree – Creating a special relationship with a tree (near our home or in the park) is tremendously rewarding. Beyond the “insanity” of this friendship, there is magic, love and healing in talking/embracing trees. In the city I am living right now, I have more meaningful connections with the trees than with humans. They are the wise, ancients ones that hold a secret task of anchoring light upon our world. They can easily help us to forge a sacred connection with Mother Earth.
  • Take a salt bath – Connecting with the Earth can be as simple as taking a salt bath in a tub. By simply adding a bunch of salt (Himalayan salt or natural sea salt) to our bath water, we are able to feel so much connected/aligned/centered. It’s a simple, great way to de-stress and detox at all levels. Alternatively, adding a bunch of salt to a container with warm water and slowly wash our body with it after shower, also provide great results – clear and connected in a simple eco-friendly gesture.
  • Grounding – Whether through visualization during meditation or through standing/walking barefoot on the soil/grass, grounding is an essential spiritual practice that connect us directly with the Earth. We cannot effectively raise high if we aren’t deep, well rooted below. The Earth feels delighted by our “presence”, offering us all Her energy/healing/support.
  • Working with crystals – Crystals are the silent, energetic babies of Mother Earth that “growing” in Her own womb carry Her pure essence. Holding them in our hands while meditating or wearing them along the day (e.g. pendant) are great ways of getting in touch with the Earth energy, and in this way, to feel more alive. Crystals are great spiritual allies for energetic clearing, healing, grounding, protection and awakening/ascension that like sacred guides lead us towards wholeness.
  • Celebrate seasonsCelebrating seasons, even in the simplest ways, tune us with the energy of the Whole we belong to. Each season has it’s own energy, and living in aligning with Nature’s energy allows us to experience a more balanced human life. Sync with Nature’s main energetic shifts (e.g. spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice) by celebrating each season with small rituals (e.g. lightening a candle), a special meal (e.g. integrating season’s foods), a mindful walk in the park, a bath in the ocean (summer), planting seeds or gardening (spring), etc. By doing so, we are honoring our Mother and connecting to Her essence of love.
  • Eating fruits – Can you think of a simpler and direct way of connecting with Mother Earth/Nature than eating fruits? The Mother feeds Her children directly with all Her goodness/love/life-force energy. While enjoying Her natural, healthy sweet treats, we are connecting with Her. I also like to remember the tree/shrub/plant that had produced such high vibrational food, and had contributed with all her life/energy to nourish my existence. This gratitude fuels the connection with the Mother of All.
  • Eco-friendly life – Committing to an eco-friendly way of living is to strength our connection with Mother Earth. Using eco-friendly cleaning products, recycling, reducing plastic waste, creating our own beauty care products, going vegan, etc – all have in common a great love and care for the Earth. By showing our love and gratitude to the One that cares for us everyday, in every way, we are forging a direct link with Her. And the Earth rejoices greatly as we live more and more in harmony with Her.

Reconnecting with the Earth is reconnecting with ourselves. Is recapturing our essence, while honoring the One we belong to after all. Can you hear Her silent call in your heart? From Heart to Earth, is just a little change, a change of awareness that bring us back to Oneness/Wholeness once again.

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21 thoughts on “Keeping the connection with the Earth alive

  1. Yes, directly on Her lap of love. Thank you dear Peter for your comments. Much appreciated. Be well, S*


  2. Thank you Marta for your comments. Your presence here is much appreciated. It feels so good to be connected to like minded fellows. Much love ❤ S*

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  3. Veganism, connecting with Animals, visualizing and fruits! Love it 🌠✨🙌💐🌷
    Right before the solstice the Higher Self urged me to have more fruits and I found my new favorite fruit and green smoothie.
    Blessings 🌠🌻☀️🌈🐬🐳🍀

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  4. Thank you dear Patty for sharing and caring. Our Mother appreciate all our love. Take care, S*


  5. Thank you dear Mary for your feedback and sharings. I am glad to meet others trees lovers souls 🌲❤🌳 Many light blessings, take care. S*

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  6. This is a great post. Trees hold a special place in my heart. I have a soul connection with them. One area that I can embrace more is celebrating the different seasons. I could get closer to the source if I would stop to embrace the changes in the environment.

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  7. Thank you beautiful soul for sharing and caring. The Earth is grateful for all our love ❤🌍 S*


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