Spiritual vegan

Spiritual vegan

When we realize that we are spiritual beings, enters into our awareness the worlds of energy/spirit, and the frames of wholeness/eternity/inter-connectivity. All our livings/doings start to happen out of this awakened perspective. Eating is no exception. From a spiritual perspective, eating is more than just ingesting food and food is much more than just organic fuel biomass for the body. Eating turns into a sacred, conscious act where the energy of the food feeds our soul/energy/vibration. It is said that men is what he eats. Not only the quality of the food is important, as our thoughts and state are also relevant when preparing and eating those foods. With spiritual awakening, consciousness permeates all acts concerning food: origin, acquisition, preparation, and consumption. That is why a plant-based diet often follows spiritual awakening. We start to choose our foods out of an awakened, holistic perspective that will naturally bring us into harmony with the Whole. We start to eat spiritually, which doesn’t comply with any type of suffering, but rather is full of compassion. So, with no effort, from inside out, we naturally go vegan (or for some, vegetarian). It is a soul-level demanding that bring us back to a Whole-sense of living. As it should, all falls into place… and there is peace in our hearts.

Vegan, because I care!

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18 thoughts on “Spiritual vegan

  1. You’re so welcome! I so agree now, I couldn’t imagine being spiritual now and still eating meat? It just doesn’t feel right at all! Thanks so much hun! Looking forward to reading more of your posts ❤️

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  2. Thank you beautiful soul for your comments. I am glad it resonated. In truth going vegan/vegetarian is a soul choice. That is why it follows spiritual awakening. It’ s a natural by-product of being awaken/ aware. Perception about all things changes. Food/eating is no exception. Blessed we are for not wearing the blindfolds anymore. It’s a delight to meet other like-minded people. I like to call it meaningful-soul-connections. Keep in touch and in the light. S*

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  3. Yes! I couldn’t agree with this more, as I have gone through my spiritual awakening, I have found going vegetarian (and eventually one day vegan) only natural for me, I could never go back to eating meat again. As they say we are what we eat, to eat meat would be to be eating suffering and death, not cool and not what we want! Plus we are all one, I love the animals too much to eat them. I can’t wait to be fully vegan one day! I totally agree with this and will be sharing your blog post 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Brilliant!

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  4. Thank you dear Joshada for your nomination. I feel humbly honored for being one of your choices. Besides, Mystery is one of my favorite facets of life. Have a wonderful Sunday & Take good care of yourself. In the LIGHT, S*

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  5. Thank dear Marta for your comments. I am glad it resonated. It feels great to be meaningful connected to like minded soul. It’s amazing how the internet allows us to meet our soul tribe. ❤🌳🌍🌼😇🌞 Take care & shine your light, S*

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  6. Thank u dear Amira for your comments. I was also vegetarian for many years but deep inside there was some restleness… that took me to veganism… and my heart is so much more at ease 💗🌍🌞 I am glad I brought some kind of inspiration to those who came across this post. That’s part of my mission – to inspire 🌞 Have a wonderful day dear friend, take care 🌼 S*

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  7. A beautiful post dear Susana! It’s so true, how is important to apply mindfulness to everything we do.
    I have been a vegetarian since the early 90’s, but I am aware that of the need to transition to vegan, because what I see on factory farming, brings so much suffering and brutality to innocent animals…
    Thank you for the inspiration! ❤

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  8. Thank you for mentioning that our thoughts and state of mind during preparation and consumption of the food is also important. It’s so easy to forget, and I’m working to be more mindful of this.

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  9. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedback. It means a lot to me. Take care 🌼


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