Letter to your future self

Letter to your future self

This is a beautiful exercise that I challenge you to try for yourself: writing a letter to your future self, the one you will be, let’s say, in one year from now. What do you want your future self to know? Write it down, let it flow from the heart. When you finish, just fold your letter and keep it in a safe, private place. Set up a reminder on your smarphone for 1 year from now (along with an indication of the place you are keeping the letter) and then just forget about it. When the time comes, you will be surprised for reading such a meaningful message from someone special in your life. This message may just enclose the comforting words you need to hear in that moment or the strength you require to keep going. Who knows if it will be a source of inspiration for new projects or even of guidance about the right direction on the path of your life.

Here it is an example of the letter I want my future self to read in one year from now:

“Dearest Child of the Universe/Divine, I hope this letter finds you well – body, mind and soul. I want you to remember how strong and brave you are, because whatever life brought you, the sweetest moments and the bittiest experiences, made you grown, awaken, experienced, and wise. It became clear to you that even your failures and the things you lost were special gifts, blessings in disguise, steps of a stair that took you higher on the path of ascension/awakening. They were all valuable events/things that fueled your detachment from the world of illusion and your being closer to the Divine, to His special agents (your beloved angels), and closer to the things that really matter on a transcendental-limitless level. Maybe you have found your dream job by now, or maybe you are financially independent so you can dedicate all your energy/time to the things you really enjoy – your blog, nature and animals, angels and crystals,… or maybe not. Maybe you’re still working on that meaningless, unfulfilling job that makes you feel dull and stupid… Whatever the case, wherever you are, I just want you to know that I love you (even if no one else does), that I am for you (even if no one else is) and I care for you (even if no one else does). You are important to me, you matter. I am really happy that you are reading these lines (maybe with tears in your eyes)… because deep inside you know that you are a beautiful soul for what you are, that you are enough and there is nothing else you need to do or accomplish. You are a light warrior brought to this Earth to shine your light, you are a lightkeeper in service of the Divine, simply by being who you are. That’s all. You just need to be you – a unique piece of this cosmic puzzle that no one can replace. Thank you for being YOU and for keep shinning your LIGHT!

[P.S. – Always remember that, no matter what, you are tremendously blessed, divinely directed and always protected! ]”

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8 thoughts on “Letter to your future self

  1. Thank you dear George for your comments and kind words. Actually you just made realize that maybe for the first time in my life I am at a place of self-love and self-acceptance… at all levels… I am at ease and at peace with myself, regardless the past and the present… not struggling with myself (mind, body, soul). Thank you for this blessing. Take good care of yourself, ’cause you deserve. ❤ S*

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  2. Beautiful idea which I am inspired to try and the letter shows much self-work, heart listening and resulting beauty in its reflection. . . you seem so close to being tuned in to the harmony of the one … a path of life travelled well … thanks so much for sharing this

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  3. Thank you Anita for passing by. Most of all, it’s a beautiful experience, worthy of your time. Give it a try! Take good care of yourself. S*

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