Tune into universal Divine pace

Tune into universal divine pace

In mists of high fast pace of modern society, it's easy to loose our center and awareness. When we tune into the pace of the Universe, which is divinely timed, we feel as if we had returned to our natural state of being (actually we are!), experiencing calmness, centeredness and fulfillment. Everything flows easily and … Continue reading Tune into universal Divine pace

Nature blissfulness

Nature blissfulness

Nature has the ability to connect us with our intrinsic spiritual nature, which is full of divinity. She is the greatest spiritual healer/therapist, easily dwelling us into a deep sense of "feeling good" and spiritual delight. To apprehend nature's wonders (through our physical/psychic senses) is to open the doors to soul wonderland. Our connection with … Continue reading Nature blissfulness

Another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant

Another great natural eco-friendly deodorant

My quest and experiences towards a simple and natural way of living led me to another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant. After my previous posts on homemade, eco-friendly deodorants, one based on coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and the other on lemon, here I share another natural recipe, this time based on apple cider vinegar. What … Continue reading Another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant