Another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant

Another great natural eco-friendly deodorant

My quest and experiences towards a simple and natural way of living led me to another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant. After my previous posts on homemade, eco-friendly deodorants, one based on coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and the other on lemon, here I share another natural recipe, this time based on apple cider vinegar.

What do you need for this deo? It is as simple as that:

1 small spray bottle, 20 ml apple cider vinegar (raw, organic) and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil (organic).

Mix the essential oil (my favorite is lavender) and the apple cider vinegar inside the spray bottle. Shake it well before use. Spray it once or twice directly on your armpits (please, don’t spray it over cut/wounded skin) and let it dry naturally. That’s it! Simple and natural! Efficient and fresh! Good for you and good for all! Just another amazing daily use for apple cider vinegar.

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  1. And each small step to make the difference adds so much to the Whole. Thanks for your feedback, take care 🌼 S*

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