Nature blissfulness

Nature blissfulness

Nature has the ability to connect us with our intrinsic spiritual nature, which is full of divinity. She is the greatest spiritual healer/therapist, easily dwelling us into a deep sense of “feeling good” and spiritual delight. To apprehend nature’s wonders (through our physical/psychic senses) is to open the doors to soul wonderland. Our connection with the Sacred/Spirit awakens, leading us to spiritual ecstasy. There is soul-level pleasure/satisfaction that make us sparkle from the inside. Enhanced awareness and emotional wellness follow such natural spiritual experiences, which are deeply immersed in silence and peace. Here I list some of Nature’s treasures that have the ability to trigger my blissfulness:

  • the rustling sound of tree’s leaves on the wind
  • the laughing sound of water streams
  • the glowing light of a tree full of life-force energy
  • the crystal clear transparency of a morning drew on a grass blade
  • the sweet melody of a bird at dawn
  • the smell of fresh cut grass
  • the aliveness in animal’s eyes
  • the smile of a flower blooming in the sunlight
  • the crepitating sound of fire burning
  • the silent wisdom within the “aura” of an ancient pine tree
  • the soft buzzing of bees around lavender plants
  • the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine flowers at evening
  • the smooth swing of a willow tree branches in summer breeze
  • walking barefoot on grass/dirt

Nature is so powerful that even the simplest things can drive us into amazing spiritual experiences. The sacredness without awakens the sacredness within, and our mood/awareness/vibration magically goes up. Each day, all of us have the opportunity to perceive at least one of these moments. Being fully present in each moment is the key to open the door to soul wonderland and blissful experiences. Make sure you don’t miss it.

© 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: Soorelis in Pixabay

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9 thoughts on “Nature blissfulness

    1. Thank you dear George for your feedback and sharing. I look forward to look at your friend’s post. Wishing you a much blessed and enlightened week. Take care 🌼 S*


    1. Thank you dearJohn for your feedback and kind words. I am glad it resonated. Nature is indeed one of the greatest source of inspiration… for blogging, for living, for growing… Many blessings, S*


      1. Sure Susana , I am John from India , i am blogging part time, glad to get introduced , hereafter i will be regularly following your posts .. kindly give me your feedbacks on my blog too ,
        Thanks & Regards

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