Tune into universal Divine pace

Tune into universal divine pace

In mists of high fast pace of modern society, it’s easy to loose our center and awareness. When we tune into the pace of the Universe, which is divinely timed, we feel as if we had returned to our natural state of being (actually we are!), experiencing calmness, centeredness and fulfillment. Everything flows easily and smoothly in our life, as if life itself is blessing our way. All seems to be as it should accordingly to the original Divine intention of the Universe.

Trusting in time as a great ally in life, comes from a deep understanding that we are all becoming. Transformation is an ongoing process, inherent to the flow of life. All things/beings have their own pace and all is unfolding on the right time. The universal Divine time is the pace of meaningful creation, which naturally encloses a trade-off between manifestation and waiting. The unfolding of all things/events in the Universe is somehow permeated by the energy of patience. All good/beautiful things take time. And in this dynamic, fluid Universe, the Divine pace invites us to dwell in the great mysteries and to surrender to higher Divine plans, but also to co-create with the Whole that is willing to express something unique through us. To tune into the Universe’s pace is to align ourselves with our divine greatness/potential, while allowing the Universe to take care of everything else.

Tuning into higher universal pace requires tapping within first. I like to feel my breathe and my heart. They anchor me in the here and now. And the here and now is the door for greater awareness and alignment. By feeling the pace of my own heart beating inside of my chest, not only I become more aware of my self (higher self), but also of all my surroundings, near and far. The connection with “All that is” grows in this awareness, and the entire Universe (Mother Earth included) and the Source/Divine are as close to me as my own heart. I feel my own heart pulsating in unison with the core of Gaia, of the Cosmos and of the Divine – all aligned in the same pace, the pace of love and of light. Sometimes I feel that the whole Universe fits inside my heart and, at the same time, that I am in the heart of “All that is”. Others, I am simply engulfed by a joyful feeling of greatness and of belonging. Whatever the case, there is no separation, Oneness is all that is.

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13 thoughts on “Tune into universal Divine pace

    1. Dear Margaret, Gaia is our Mother Earth. The divine facet of our world that our ancestors have recognized as a Goddess – Gaia. Much love ❤ S*

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