Our sacred Earth, our sacred life

Our sacred Earth our sacred life

The Earth is ancient and full of mysteries, is wise and so generous, is life-giver and so full of love. Most of all, the Earth is so sacred. Sacredness resides all around in Her different facets – among our brothers and sisters of natural kingdoms, but also within ourselves – all is full with Her essence. There is life-force energy permeating all things/beings, and the Earth, herself is so alive.

The Earth is our mother and our home. She provides us with the means and the ways to this precious life. In Her midst, we dwell into life, this sacred experience through which we have the opportunity to learn and grow as spiritual beings, while being sustained/protected/loved by the Mother of All. The air we breath since our first moments, the body we wear on this earthly experience, the foods that sustains us along our journey, the beauty that soften our hearts each day – all come from Her.

Mother Earth constantly whispers the secrets of a sacred life. She calls us back to the sacredness of our own life/experience – the sacredness behind the magic of the little things in life, the sacredness of the spiritual lessons/growth gained from our own life experiences, the sacredness of living in harmony with the Whole. Answering Her call is to honor life – life as a whole and our own life. Honoring/respecting life in all of its forms as a truly divine blessing is to comply with the sacredness of the Earth, this unique masterpiece of divine creation we have the privilege to live on.

How blessed we are for our sacred life on our sacred Earth?

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