Tap into the mysteries of the Earth

Tap into the mysteries of the Earth

Tapping into the mysteries of the Earth is to tap into our ancestral mysteries and essence. The Earth is full of mystery, but also of wisdom and healing, enabling us to retrieve lost part of ourselves and to recapture our essence of life/love/light. The Earth Herself is a record keeper of all that is/was. Our soul-level memories are somehow also the memories of the Whole we live in. The Earth holds all our experiences, both individually and collectively, including our less pleasant or traumatic experiences. Yet, She also holds the healing for all that now needs to be cleared (from this life and previous ones), so we can move forward/upwards with our life/existence.

Recently, one of my spirit guides signaled me to connect with the energy of the Earth, while tapping his feet on the ground, as a way for healing, centeredness and wholeness. One cannot ascend/grow spiritually if not well rooted/centered/resolved. Grounding/earthing is one of the most effective ways of dwelling into the Earth’s energy/mysteries/healing (with many proven benefits for body, mind and soul). If we can do it directly upon the ground, the better. If not, visualization/intention/consciousness can do wonders in promoting this connection.

Tapping into the energy of the Earth is to welcome wholeness into our life, while claiming our natural heritage of life-force/life-sustaining energy. Her greatness becomes our greatness/goodness. From here, higher stages of consciousness (self-consciousness and global/cosmic consciousness) are likely to follow and develop as we root deep down/within our primal divine essence. Possibilities are infinite, as much as our own existence and Earth’s generosity. Tapping into the energy of the Earth makes us stronger, as strong as the Earth that despite Her fragility is at the same time so bold.

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16 thoughts on “Tap into the mysteries of the Earth

    1. Thank you beautiful Sara for your feedback and kind words. Your presence here is much appreciated. I am glad it resonated. Keep in touch and in the light, S*

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  1. Wonderful Suzana. 

    Besides so many talents you are a great artist and I love your graphics.

    Retrieving has been prevalent in my alignment with Source. I’ve recover energy, codes and wisdom from others like you by being at the right place at the right time to read or hear something that they say, through silent encounters or dream travel.

    Thank you for this puzzle piece as Humanity help each other to remember our way back home.

    I grounded yesterday near a tiny beautiful fish lake and this is synchronistic

    Blessings 🌈🌱💐💙🎶🍀🐘🐬✨

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    1. Thank you dear Marta for your feedback. Yes synchronocity is the sacred language of the Universe that signals us the way, our way. Funny to see how all of us, despite being at different places around the globe, are somehow in the same alignment of experiences. It’s time for new beginnings… the old must go now! Keep in touch and stay in the light. Many blessings, S*

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    1. And while you do it you tap into the energy of the Earth 🌍 that delights by feeling your barefoot. Many blessings, God bless you dear Nora. S*

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  2. Hi Susana,
    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post.
    Both my parents come from north west of Ireland Co. Donegal and on the outskirts of mum’s (now deceased) village is a pilgrimage island Lough Derg where penitents go for 3 days and remove docks and shoes on arrival as part of the pilgrimage.
    The island is called Station island as part of St Patrick’s purgarory. The pilgrimage is called a station and dates back to when St Patrick carried out the same practice.

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