Emerging the new

Emerging the new

All forms of life start from a tiny/condensed form, which is full of energy and contains all that is needed for expression/manifestation of its essence. The whole tree fits in a seed, which holds the species essence/heritage. The strongest roots, the widest trunk, the highest branches were all in some moment within the seed. The seed is a promise of life full of possibilities/potential. It’s from the seed that the greatness of the tree’s life emerges. The energy of life interchanges between the seed and the tree, the tree and the seed, in an eternal cycle, yet the essence remains.

When starting something new – a new life or a new project – it’s important to tap into our own energetic creative potential. It’s time to be immersed in the essence of our being, for then to emerge towards expression/expansion of what wants to come to life/light. Let us be dormant and still for a while, feeling our essence/truth so when the time is right, we can express the beauty of the new: a life/project that hopefully is divinely guided and in which the Universe has our back.

Because the success of the seed depends on her inner potential, but also on the outer circumstances, it’s important for the seed to be “wise” enough to wait for the best favorable conditions and to count/trust on Higher support/blessings. The three together create magic/miracle in life. However, the beginning of a new life adventure can sometimes be a little bit painful and confusing at first. A seed struggling to rupture the seed coat or a seedling struggling through the darkness on the ground before coming into the light are good examples of this. Yet, a life in the LIGHT is worthy of all that.

We came here for something Higher/Greater. We are divine seeds waiting for the right conditions to emerge a new, divine life in which all divine potential is manifested/expressed. Let us be a seed, knowing that we are also a tree. It’s just a question of time. The seed stage allows us to tap into our inner resources/gifts/essence, but also to feel the best outer conditions, so we can express the most beautiful and strongest tree/life. May our life be an Ode to all the Divine greatness we carry inside.

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9 thoughts on “Emerging the new

    1. We forget the seed often, but it’s never too late to care for it, while caring at the same time for the tree. Many blessings, take care. S*

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