Connecting with the sacred

Connecting with the sacred

Our world is so sacred. Sacredness resides all around, not just beyond. Look at a tree, a bird, a mountain, look with spiritual eyes and you will see that “All that is” is alive. And even in midst of urban environment, look well, because you will be able to find/see the sacred there. There are so many natural sanctuaries all around. A flower that erupts from the concrete, a butterfly that comes to greet you along with the sun rays, the hypnotizing glow of the moon light, the bird that sings on your windowsill or even the small plant pot at your home – they all carry the sacredness of Nature/Earth.

Being clairvoyant is a blessing in perceiving the sacredness all around. The sacredness in all things/beings shines brighter naturally in front of my “eyes”. Seeing their light aligns me with the Sacred/Divine. The outer sacredness reminds me of my own sacredness, connecting/awakening me to the greatness of life/light. This spiritual vision/sight keeps me in “touch” with the divinity within/without/beyond. After all, we are as sacred as our world.

Living life relying on a holistic, sacred sight brings divine grace/blessings into my life. My heart opens in deep gratitude for life, while realizing a deep sense of Higher/Divine purpose and meaning for the Whole. All is sacred after all!

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13 thoughts on “Connecting with the sacred

  1. Thank you precious one for your comments and nomination. I am glad that something here resonated there. I will reply your nomination within few days. Many blessings into your ❤ In the light, S*

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  2. Yes! Let’s embrace with our heart the sacredness in all things. Life is indeed Devine. You have such an amazing blog! I nominated you for an award on my last post. Please, do check it out. ❤️

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  3. Thank you beautiful soul for sharing the sacred. I feel blessed by your presence. May the light be with you, S*

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