Fluid as water

Fluid as water

Flow is the constant energy/state of the Universe. All things/beings are constantly changing, in an eternal movement/transformation that renews/recycles the Whole. The water flows easily and without effort through its surroundings, showing us how graceful it is to go with the universal flow. She teaches us how to benefit from what it is as it is to move forward with our lives. Most of all, water inspires us to drop resistance and to enter the Universe’s plan/purpose. Instead of trying to go wherever we want, we are invited to go where we are supposed to go for the highest good of all (we included). Why the river would want to go upstream if he is meant to meet the ocean downstream?

To be fluid as water is to be aligned with the sacred rhythms of the Universe and the everlasting flow of life. It’s to be a master of easiness, i.e. to accept our surroundings (people/events) and allow them to fuel our own movement/growth/life. To be fluid as water is to be alive in a Universe that is constantly flowing/evolving. Stagnant water is lifeless. While flowing through/with life, it’s important to remain transparent in our conduit and crystalline in our state of being. These are also great spiritual teachings from water and a great, sacred way of honoring Life/Spirit/Universe!

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10 thoughts on “Fluid as water

  1. Hey, Susana! Water is certainly an important symbol in Christianity. Baptism and the idea of scripture washing over and through our souls. I like to think about that when I get to wave in a place that has waves. 🙂

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