Nature’s call for balance

Nature's call for balance

Equinox is Nature time on the Earth’s clock marking the perfect balance between day and night, light and darkness. At this time, Nature invites us to return to balance, and to even energetic expansion/expression and withdraw/introspection. It’s time to slow down and to feel ourselves and our lives, by considering what was/is and preparing what is about to come. It’s important to reflect on the season’s gains/achievements/fruits, but also to acknowledge what now needs to be discarded. Trees bravely encourage us to leave behind what no longer serves us, while showing us how beautiful is to let go. The yellow-orange-brown colors of their leaves fill our hearts with beauty and awe, inviting us to surrender and trust. Change is about to come.

The wheel is turning, and we are turning with the wheel. We are not separated from the world we live in, so tuning into its rhythms and cycles align us with untold opportunities. Consciously align/integrate it’s energies into our being/existence is key for personal/spiritual development. The powerful energies available at the main natural/seasonal shifts, such as Equinox, can push us into the next level of our life/stage. Meditation, contemplation, reflection, small rituals, etc are of great help at this time.

Answering the present Nature’s call for balance allow us to walk more harmoniously in/through life. And in balance, so much can be attained. Balance is nature greatest secret to (successful) life.

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12 thoughts on “Nature’s call for balance

    1. You are welcome dear Margaret. It was published with the intention of being a reminder to us all. It seems that it was felt this way. Many blessings, take care, S*

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    1. They (trees) are great teachers who teach silently by example. Just love ❤ my dearest friends 🌳. Thank you dear Nora for your much appreciated feedback. Many blessings, take care 🌼 S*

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  1. Enjoying a day that is on that razor edge between summer and winter here today. Cooold in the wee hours, but beautifully sunny enough now to enjoy a moment on the deck. 🙂 Have a blessed week, Susana.

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    1. Thank you beautiful soul for your comments and kind words. Always remember that endings are merely beginnings. Ultimately, you were able to born to this life time, because you died to your previous one. However, eternally we go on and on… In the light, S*

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