The womb of transformation

A womb is required for transformation. The seed requires the womb of the Earth to transform from latent state to an expression of life. The caterpillar requires the womb of the cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. Humans (and mammals) require the maternal womb to grow/transform from stem cells into a whole, complete being. Spiritually too, we need the womb of silence and truth to transform from dormant to awaken state.

Spiritual practice is like a womb enabling spiritual transformation/awakening. Meditation, prayer, contemplation, nature, etc hold a space for communion with the Sacred/Divine and, in this connection, we are transformed. In this sacred space we can re-create ourselves from inside out and return to life at its fullest potential. The womb is a place of stillness/quietness/silence, which seems to be universal pre-requisites for the beginning of a new life. They are present within the seed and the cocoon, as well as in our mother’s womb and throughout our spiritual incubation time. Most of all, this womb is a place of truth. There, our true essence can be found, and our primordial dreams/mission/purpose recaptured.

Despite the process of spiritual transformation and life recreation being something captivating/miraculous, it’s important to be aware that immediately before the new, periods of darkness and of pain can also emerge. The butterfly that struggles to get out of the cocoon or the dark night of the soul are good examples of such pre-birth moments. In the end, however, there is light and the beginning of a new, completely different phase within the greatness of Life. Something amazing and magic was under-construction, and now is ready to step into the light. Things won’t ever be the same, within and without, thanks to the womb, creation center of/for life!

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10 thoughts on “The womb of transformation

  1. Dear Susana,

    I see what you did there. Trans… Formation 😄🙌

    Very well put. It perfectly describe a recent challenge. There is always light at the end of every stage as we go through the woumb, over and over. I never thought of them as the womb oh, that is beautiful.

    I love your artwork!

    Bless you for all the inspiration and Light you bring to us.

    Love and Healing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Marta for your feedback and kind words. They mean a lot to me. I am glad that you find it inspiring and insightful. That is why I do it… Many, many light blessings into your heart and life. Keep in touch beautiful soul 🌞 S*


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