The meeting point of love and light

The meeting point of love and light

The Father above sends kisses of light downwards, through me, towards the core of the Mother in the Earth. The Mother Earth sends hugs of love upwards, through me, towards the heart of Source. They are in deep love for each other and I am the meeting point for their story. Up and down, through me, they express/experience their eternal, loving relationship.

Morning meditation took me into this holistic, sacred connection/experience, which was also permeated by intense silence and peace. There was deep spiritual fulfillment within that seemed to reach out the whole world. Something elevated had touched us all and aggrandized our souls.

All of us are meeting points for greater, higher connections, which ultimately benefits/elevates us all. The key here is to be willing to and allowing it with an open heart/mind, while anchored in deep spiritual awareness. When we do so, how much light and love are we allowing to enter into our world?

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6 thoughts on “The meeting point of love and light

  1. I find it exiting that we can be actors in the interaction between the divine and creation. How sad would it be if we were just isolated carbon based life forms with no real way of communication outside of our physical bodies.

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  2. Great post. The prevailing worldview of modern science that our bodies are just self-contained carbon units with no real meta-physical connection is so limiting, depressing, and wrong. It is amazing that each one of us can be an fully capable actor in the connection between the divine and creation.

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    1. Thank you dear friend for your invaluable comments. Indeed our potential in unlimited, far beyond our physical bodies and the carbon units composing it. Our connection with Spirit is real and in this perspective we can be partners/co-creators for amazing, elevated things. Alignment is key for great spiritual adventures on our journey. Have an amazing, full-of-connection/alignment day. Many blessings, S*

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