The light within

The light within

The light we carry within is our true essence. Ultimately, it’s all we are. It’s eternal and divine, ever-present and unlimited, full of potential and of life. All we ever were or will be is within this light. All we had ever done or will do relies within this light. We are this spiritual seed/spark on a journey in which we have the opportunity/privilege to experience the blessing of life.

The light within knows the answers and knows the way. She is the master and the guide. She is you and you are all you ever looked for. The greatest treasure is within, not outside. The strenght, the peace, the love you have been looking for is within and you are it.

The light within waits for us, silently and patiently. It’s time to wake up and see/be it. Are you hearing/feeling her call?

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18 thoughts on “The light within

    1. Thank you dear Leon for your kind words and many blessings of light into your ❤. Your presence is much apreciated here and in the world. In the light, S*

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