The greater connection

The greater connection

In the continuous flow of time, the everlasting sequence of life renews the Whole. The great river of life connects us all deeply, pushing us forward in a sacred way that serves a Higher Divine purpose, far beyond our human comprehension. This eternal life flow gives life to the Universe itself.

We are part of something higher/greater than ourselves that moves invisibly through all of us, creating a coherent, fluid link that values the Whole. The holistic connection between all things/beings is real and keeps the Whole as One. It’s invisible to the eyes, but felt/realised by the soul. This greater connection encloses/absorbs us within a sacred, organic reality that embodies/permeates “All that is”. It integrates time, space and matter in an unlimited way – we are here but also there, we are this but also that.

Under this timeless, cosmic awareness/realization, we are in TRUTH in alignment with the essence of LIFE. One of the greatest secrets of the Universe had come to LIGHT, enlightening our souls/minds/hearts – we are integrant parts of this universal change/flow. Ultimately, we are the Universe living/manifesting/evolving briefly through us for the highest good of the Whole.

“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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7 thoughts on “The greater connection

  1. Thank you dear Mary for your feedback and insights. Indeed, we are part of the Whole and important pieces in this miracle/wonder of life. Many blessings, S*

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  2. Thank you for sharing this great reminder that everything is not about us. We are part of the whole. Each one of us is unique and contributes to the vast wonder of life.

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