Keeping the light

Keeping the light

Lightworkers are special beings with a spiritual mission of elevating/uplifting the Earth and humanity through their light and conduct. Whether you feel/know you are a lightworker or not, know that you are keeping the light whenever:

  • You hold a vision of goodness for others
  • You bless other people on your daily interactions
  • You wish all the best for others from your heart
  • You are a helping hand in whatever you can
  • You listen other souls from the heart
  • You offer your unique, awaken insights/guidance
  • You see the light in others/world
  • You respect all forms of life
  • You embody the truth above all
  • You allow divine light to embrace the Earth
  • You care for others, even in undercover ways
  • You pray for people/situations
  • You send angels and light beings to help others/nature/world
  • You refuse to feed conflict, fear and darkness
  • You choose peace and love in name of the light
  • You are awaken/aware of spiritual reality
  • You seat in peace and silence in your meditation
  • You are mindful of your “doings”
  • You choose/prioritize love
  • You let go of other’s offenses
  • You kindly decline other’s poisoned gifts
  • You consciously refuse to play ego’s games
  • You forgive all issues
  • You leave people/places better than you met/found them
  • …  (fill-in accordingly to your life/reality)

Consciously holding/sharing the light is to be a keeper of the light. A lightworker is not necessarily someone who fights the darkness, but simply someone who works with the light. In the end, is the light you hold/share that really matters for light is our essence and the essence of “All that is”.

Here I share my favorite invocation to get centered
in the awareness of being a keeper of the light:
“In name of the light,
in name of the truth,
for the highest good of all,
what needs to come through…”

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15 thoughts on “Keeping the light

  1. Very good post!
    “A lightworker is not necessarily someone who fights the darkness, but simply someone who works with the light.”
    What we fight and resist, persists.
    But! We do have to FACE the darkness, both within and with-out… so we become aware of how we might be feeding / energizing it and quit doing that, quit participating in it.
    “You refuse to feed conflict, fear and darkness.”
    And I might caution the reader that having fear is not like “criminal”. The idea is to release your fears, but you cannot release what you repress. Let it surface, face it, see it as the illusion that it is – FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real – then release it.
    And “conflict” has its place. Take it from someone who brings 4th Ray energy – Harmony Through Conflict – to help this world. See this post:

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    1. Thank you beautiful soul for your invaluable comments. They add more light to the light we are bringing into our world. In the light, S*

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      1. Thank you for caring and sharing the light… it’s what’s most needed now. Many blessings dearest one. S*

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  2. We cannot not be the light for the light is what we all are but we may need to be reminded of our lightness. This post may serve as a reminder to many of their lightness.🙏❤️🌹

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    1. Thank you dearest one for your comment. Indeed it was written as reminder for what we are. It’s just a matter of awakening our essence and living in/by the light. Many blessings, S*

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  3. You remind the sad ones to focus onto the ever shining divine presence in their hearts 😊
    You transfer your peace and joy to the ones who comes into contact with you 😊
    You forgive and pray for the good of ones who hurt you 😊
    Love and hugs to you dear Susana 😊❤🙏

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you dear friend for such light inspiring contribution to the list… possibilities are infinite as much as the light… may the light ALWAYS shine brighter in our hearts and our world. Light blessings for your day/week/life. S*

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