Into the depths of soul

Into the depths of soul

I am withdrawing naturally as the days get shorter (and the moon is waning). It’s a following nature spiritual sync. There is an inner necessity for diving within, a spiritual urge to plunge into the depths of my soul. The inner calling calls me to reach new depths, new levels of being/experience never touched before. … Continue reading Into the depths of soul

The road of life

The road of life won’t always be easy. Yet great destinations are not available through ordinary roads/paths. Rocks and holes, blocks and lostness, can bring confusion and an inner sense of going nowhere. At such times, it’s important to stop, even if briefly, to re-assess and re-evaluate our life journey and current circumstances. Which direction … Continue reading The road of life

Naturally going our way

Naturally going our way

Every step we take to go natural, whether physically or spiritually, gets us closer to our natural state and essence. Going natural may take many ways, all implying a green, conscious lifestyle and state of being. Green eating/cleaning and eco-choices/solutions are some of the simple things we can engage ourselves to go natural. At a … Continue reading Naturally going our way