Naturally going our way

Naturally going our way

Every step we take to go natural, whether physically or spiritually, gets us closer to our natural state and essence. Going natural may take many ways, all implying a green, conscious lifestyle and state of being. Green eating/cleaning and eco-choices/solutions are some of the simple things we can engage ourselves to go natural. At a deeper, subtle level, cultivating simple, elevated thoughts/feelings and living out of spiritual awareness can take us further ahead.

No matter how, going natural is going our way, moving closer to our true nature/essence, which results in a deep sense of balance and harmony. Ultimately, it’s a way of living in harmony with the Whole, in deep respect and love for “All that is”. It’s a way of honoring/celebrating life with a holistic perspective – individually and collectively, within and without, spiritually and physically.

Our essence/being shines brighter as we intentionally move away from dense, toxic “things”. These include food, chemicals, synthetics, as well as people, situations and places. All that does not respect our true nature is not worthy of our energy. Our natural state is that of a healthy body, of a peace of mind, of emotional wellness and of spiritual alertness. What more could we wish for while experiencing life on Earth? What (natural) steps can we take today to move our way?

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6 thoughts on “Naturally going our way

  1. Mine too… 😊 Many blessings dear Nora. Take care of yourself… naturally ☺🌼🌍🌱


  2. Thank you dear friend for your sharing. Every “step”, whether a soap or fireworks, is important for going natural and going our way. Plus, it is truly meaningful for the Whole. Many blessings, S*

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  3. I was thrilled to find that both Salisbury’s and Asda are selling vegan soap (with palm oil from a sustainable source) and also that Sainsbury’s aren’t selling fireworks for 5th November. I like fireworks, but I wish the pyrotechs would concentrate on the visual effects more than the audible ones. They’re a curse to wildlife and pets.

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