Sacred fire life renewal

Sacred fire life renewal

Fire is profoundly sacred and transformative. It’s deeply purifying, liberating and renovator – therefore, a promoter of new beginnings/life. Fire has the ability to change all things/beings that enter in connection with its essence. Things won’t ever be the same. The wood turns into ashes, no longer carrying the past of the plant, but simply the will to return to life. And from the ashes, new vibrant life can emerge. The phoenix also reminds us of the power of fire and the greatness of new beginnings. And NEW means starting from zero, which also means that ALL possibilities are available. In a Universe that is infinitely abundant and caring, a fire resetting is truly a blessing.

Working spiritually with the element of fire is of course spiritually transformative. A simple fire bowl ceremony (e.g. intentionally burning a piece of paper where we wrote what we want/need to let go) can work wonders. All that no longer serves us or serve our purpose, all that does not allows us to move forward and keeps us trapped in the old, all useless creeds/beliefs/patterns can be purified/released in the fire. Holding the intention of freeing ourselves from the useless in order to move forward accordingly to divine will, our soul purpose and highest good of all beings, can be profoundly liberator.

Another way of working with this sacred element is to keep our inner fire alive, which allows us to tap into an everlasting resetting/renovation of life. From body to soul, we are stepping into a new beginning at each moment/breath. It’s just a question of finding out what sets our soul on fire. When we do, we have access to an infinite reservoir of spiritual power that keeps us within the process of universal (re-)creation. For me, it’s nature, lonely walks, and creative projects, such as writing, artworks, handcraft, deco, etc. The inner fire keeps us alive and within a sacred sense for our life. It makes us move forward and upwards, spiritually evolving in alignment with the light/divine.

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