The road of life

The road of life won’t always be easy. Yet great destinations are not available through ordinary roads/paths. Rocks and holes, blocks and lostness, can bring confusion and an inner sense of going nowhere. At such times, it’s important to stop, even if briefly, to re-assess and re-evaluate our life journey and current circumstances. Which direction is the most appropriated for me, for my highest good and highest good of all? Taking time to consult higher-self/guidance – our spiritual GPS – can saves us from going in circles or, what’s worst, to return back.

Our heart knows the way, so it’s essential to listen what he has to say. The most important is to walk the path that makes our heart sing and our soul dance. Bliss will be our state of being. This spiritual bubbling expands us towards the stars. At such moments, we are as big as Existence and the grandeur of the whole Universe exists inside our heart. Ego-based individuality melts in this sacred connection experienced as Oneness. We have returned HOME – the greatest of all destinations.

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10 thoughts on “The road of life

  1. This is beautiful and so true! “Spiritual bubbling” describes it perfectly – I had one of those moments last night and that’s exactly how it felt. 🙌💞

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