Into the depths of soul

Into the depths of soul

I am withdrawing naturally as the days get shorter (and the moon is waning). It’s a following nature spiritual sync. There is an inner necessity for diving within, a spiritual urge to plunge into the depths of my soul. The inner calling calls me to reach new depths, new levels of being/experience never touched before. The great mysteries of Existence, which also reside within, are ready to be (re-)discovered/awakened from soul stockroom.

Old traumas and repressed feelings need now to be released. They are the blockages not allowing me to go further ahead and deeper within. There is/will be a lot of pain, confusion and instability, but the inner turmoil has to be faced so it can be cleared. It’s like deliberately diving into the darkness to rescue a light-full part of me (being) that waits in stillness/silence to shine. A new level of being is awakening and I want to be it and to feel its light. A light that is greater than space, time, traumas and creeds – the eternal light that wants to shine again and to add more light into Existence.

Many of us are being called to dive deeper to recapture higher levels of soul wisdom/light/awareness. The silent longing of the soul invites us towards our true divine essence. I am diving within alone as only I can do, but I am pretty sure that a collective spiritual plunge is happening all around. There is a great potential to bring more light to the Whole that waits to ascend through us all. Are you ready for diving within? It takes courage, but it’s worthy. LIGHT makes it the worthiest of all things. Infinite blessings of light come forward when we have the courage to dive within.

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