On the wings of truth

On the wings of truth

The beginning and ending of everything melt into the eternal cycle of (re-)creation. The universal flow of life assures the continuity of all. Evolving purposefully, the Universe expands beyond our imagination/comprehension. Yet, our infinite existence resonates with the eternity of Existence. Beyond space/time, our essence soars high on the wings of TRUTH towards the limitless nature of “All that is”. On the timeless/spaceless experiences of beyond, we are touched by the undefined dreams of Universe/Source. Soaked in creative energy while swirling at the womb of creation, the soul is able to absorb what it needs to its journey/mission in order to express Divine will/plans. Seeds of light are deposited within and the Whole rejoices on the knowing that soon there will be new leaves. Angels sing in divine bliss for creation manifests what is meant to. The stars dance in cosmic silence witnessing more of what’s coming into expression. The Universe knows new days/moments of life/light through us while expanding/evolving. As children of the Universe/Divine, we are expressing what needs to come forward. The expansion/growth of the soul equates the expansion/evolution of the Universe. Whether we are aware of it or not, new creation is added at each breathe to the eternal Existence. We are active pieces of the Whole that temporarily allow things to unfold. Are we rejoicing in the awareness of our own greatness?

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