Blessings coming from above

Blessings coming from above

Watching the rain falling upon the Earth reminds me of blessings. The blessings of water, which are also the blessings of life for we all depend on it, bring me closer to a sacred sense of Existence. Water drops fall from above as divine blessings to us all. It’s not clear where they come from, but their presence and supportive effects are real. All life forms depend on water blessings coming from above, as much as we souls are blessed by the light that comes from Source. Both the water/light blessings quench our physical/spiritual thirsts, giving us life on different, yet complementary levels if we hold a holistic perspective. If they are scarce, life spoils. Their abundance enables life to thrive in beautiful and unimaginable ways. Divine blessings are soul treats of light that enable us to grow towards higher states of spiritual greatness. When we allow ourselves to be under divine blessings (meditation or prayer are great effective ways), we are creating the time and space to return to our essence and spiritual splendor. Being open to receive them, while realizing they are ALWAYS available to us, is key to be/feel as blessed as we truly are.

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