On their wings, on their light

Angels are agents of the Light with the mission of helping us to return to our essence, to our place in the world and to the wonder of life. They are our trustworthy divine helpers/guardians, which silently work from behind the scenes to get us closer to what we came here for.

They are ALWAYS there/here, carrying us through life and catching us when we fall. On their wings, we have all possibilities to heal and grow. Under their care, we can shine our light and beauty once more. On their company, we can fly high towards our greatness or simply soar effortlessly on the winds of truth. Whatever the case, we are adding goodness to our life and to our world. It’s a on-the-wing, win-win solution for Existence as a Whole.

Asking for their help and allowing them to show us the way (for our highest good and for the highest good of all) is to be under divine grace and in alignment with the Light. Our life is felt as a blessed one, in which magic manifest as real life.

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11 thoughts on “On their wings, on their light

  1. Hi Susana! i personally work with Angels every single day….and I love them….and I listen….without them I feel we miss out on so many extra opportunities, and they are so accommodating, and so helpful! Thanks for sharing this message about them….love and Angel hugs and blessings to you, Barbara xxxxx

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    1. Thank you dear Barbara for your comments. It’s the same for me… every day, every breath… I feel/see their presence all around. My day start in their company and ends in their light. It’s difficult to conceive life before/without angels. Angel blessings, be always in their light. S*


    1. Oh yeh, I totally subscribe… some of these feathers put tears in my eyes… tears of blissfulness for what the heart deeply knows – ALWAYS WITH YOU, NEVER ALONE! Thank you dear George for your much appreciated comments. Be well, in the light, S*

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    1. They add so much goodness, greatness and blessings to our lives. Cannot imagine life without these precious friends of light…👼…S*


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