The stars came for my heart

The stars came for my heart

The intense cosmic energies/shifts around 2020 have deepened my cosmic connection/awareness. My starseed origin became very clear, as if I was awakening from a dream. Actually, it felt like remembering, it was all already within. Many revelations/activations took place in the meanwhile, some of which I am not yet totally aware of, or can rationally explain. Yet the soul did not question it. Inner deep acceptance took place at each experience as they were/are all too REAL. Somehow, I felt like the stars came for my heart and that now my heart is easily able to reach for the stars. Actually, as my cosmic awareness expands it seems that the whole Universe fits inside my heart that now was resized to the infinite.

More and more such cosmic connection/awareness/presence/wisdom resonates with(in) my essence. My part here, as a keeper of the light, makes now more sense than ever. And when I question what should I do now with all these insights/wisdom, the answer came with no delay – bring it down HERE, to Earth. It’s not a question of going THERE, leaving behind all dense/chaotic situations we find here, all around. Instead, it’s time to bring down higher levels of light/wisdom/energy/awareness and to anchor them on our life/Earth. That’s the reason for being alive at these crucial times. This is the mission latent inside the heart of lightworkers/starseeds.

Infinite potential are available to all of us. Our inner infinite can now reach out for the infiniteness of Existence. Cosmic alignment/awareness opens doors never crossed before. Great things are globally/cosmically unfolding. Expansion is ON, and we are part of it. We are on the eminence of a historical leap that will embody higher levels of greatness for humankind and the Earth. Each one is important, each one matters, as each drop matters for the greatness of the Ocean. Together we are strengthening the shift already in motion. Joint alignment is vital for this cosmic divine ascension.

Are you in/on/up?

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19 thoughts on “The stars came for my heart

    1. Thank you dear friend for your much appreciated comments. Indeed NOW its the time… change/expansion is ON… great thinhs are ahead for all of us. Much LIGHT, S*

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  1. Hi, thank you for this reflection. My star guides came to me for the first time in a big way in 2019. I’m still very new to it! Such a lovely unfolding and aspect of my spiritual process. Totally surprising and unexpected. I wonder if you would consider sharing specifics? Did you sense a particular star system.

    I share about my cosmic consciousness opening here if you feel like checking it out.

    Peace and Love to you.

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    1. Sometimes our spiritual journey unfolds in unimagible ways. Cosmic connections turn out to be a big surprise on the way, as well as a big blessing. To me, Sirius shines bright, as much as it shines for you (I believe!). All of this enters our life to strenght us at a deep conscious level, but also too empowers our mission here on Earth. Much is being revealed, yet much is beyond our comprehension. Probably, it will remain a mystery, at least at a logical-racional level. Trust and a bigger picture perspective are helpfull. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Keep working on your light and lightfull connections, and new, deeper insights/directions will appear along the journey of life. Be well and in the LIGHT, always… S*


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