The sacred path

To make our path sacred is the secret mission of our life. Regardless our main purpose here, without sacredness life becomes meaningless, empty, and dark. In sacred alignment, there is spiritual fulfilment, for us and for the Whole. Only out of the sacred can there be growth, individually and collectively.

To travel the sacred path is to be in the light and for the light, which is our eternal essence. Hence, is to BE what we really are from soul/consciousness. Many paths are available, possibilities are infinite, as much as ourselves and Existence. Yet turning a path into a sacred one requires awareness and intention. Out of a spiritual perspective, both will add greatness/value to one’s existence. From there, Source, Universe and ourselves as an extension of both, are interconnected and ultimately ONE. And in Oneness there is Sacredness; both melt on each other in the realms of Spirit.

The way that honours the sacredness of life as a Whole, also resides within the depths of our soul. If it feels good and it is for the highest good of all, if it brings peace and harmony within and without, then the way is sacred. It’s our heart leading us safely on the paths of the light. May our path be sacred, as sacred as our own heart. May we honour our essence, while flowing through/with life.

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3 thoughts on “The sacred path

  1. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedback. Much appreciated! I am glad it resonated. Following the heart 💝, on the sacred path🌈 , S*

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