Simple ways of adding light to our home

Simple ways of adding light to our home

Our home is more than our living space. It’s our personal sacred space in which we can be at ease and relax at all levels. It can even be therapy space, where our energy and state is restored. Caring for our home is caring for ourselves. However, caring for our place goes beyond trivial home daily routines, and includes energetic treats as well. A home full of light and good vibes will unequivocally be felt by those entering in. Generally, there is a deep inner sense of well-being. Below are some simple ways to Feng Shui our home and to make it a place of light for ourselves and our loved ones. May our home be a beacon of light to all/world.

  • Crystals – Adding crystals that most resonate with us and match the purpose of each room is a great way of adding light and good vibes to our home. Crystals have the ability to energetically improve one’s home/life. Selenite is one of my favourite crystals, literally embodying/spreading light.
  • Plants – Plants have an uplifting, positive effect on their surroundings, creating a sacred environment around them. They clean/purify our space, filling it with good energies. Plus, they get us closer to Nature and naturally in touch with our true nature/essence.
  • Opening curtains/windows – Letting the sunlight and the fresh air entering into our home is to welcome the light into our life. Natural light and refreshment are simple, inexpensive remedies to energetically uplift our space/life.
  • De-cluttering – A space with no clutter is naturally a clear, light full space. What’s no longer serves us shouldn’t occupy space in our home/life. De-cluttering is a great way of simplifying and elevating our state/mind/life. Simple is the way of/to life.
  • Cleaning space – Can you conceive a dirty place full of light or high vibrational energy? Of course not. Though it’s basic, it’s also essential. Physical cleaning is half-way for energetically clear spaces. Smudging/incense efficiently do the other half, as plants and fire have the sacred power of energetically clearing the environment.
  • Wind chimes/mobiles – Elemental-driven sound and movement are great natural remedies for our home, as they have the ability to dispel/set in motion stagnant energies. Such energetic flow within our home invite good vibes to enter in.
  • Spiritual music – High vibrational music, such as meditation, classical or nature sounds, are another great way of filing our homes with light. Spiritual music smoothly permeates the atmosphere of our space, naturally inviting in the light. Plants enjoy it a lot. If they do, it’s good for us too that’s for sure.
  • Meditation/PrayerSpiritual practices are a great way of adding light to our home. When we connect with the Sacred/Spirit and light beings on a regular basis, we are opening a door to spiritual realms, allowing the light to enter in. Keeping an altar or meditation space anchors light into our place. People and animals notice the difference. “This space has something special” is a comment I often hear. My pets love the area around my altar/spiritual practice space, whether to sleep or to play, but always with deep respect (they never disturb or touch anything there).

Whatever the way we chose to bring light into our home, it’s also important to have in mind that the state of our home reflects our own inner state and, at the same time, our state is dependent on the state of our home. In this context, what does your state tells about your home? What does your home tells about you?

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