From the heart of Creation into the hearth of Earth

From the intense cosmic awareness/connection experienced lately, suddenly I felt my energy/awareness sinking down into the Earth. An inner call from the Great Mother pulled me down, and from the hearth of Creation, I felt diving into the heart of Earth. There was this deep feeling of offering Her my heart, my body, my life, so She could heal it and transform it into something beautiful. Reddish-golden energetic roots went down into Her tender, comforting body, providing me with a deep sense of protection, care and love. As I embraced Her heart, She empowered/healed mine. Through this intense earthly/maternal connection, I felt retrieving ancestral powers/gifts. All that was gained and mastered before on the many lives I lived upon the Earth, was now once more returning to me.

On my returning to the Earth, where I am meant to BE at this time, I felt returning to my TRUTH, to that which I know inside my heart to be my mission here now – to seed LIGHT on Earth, to care for Her and uplift Her towards a GREAT destiny. While connected to Her heart, she left a message to all Her children:

“Be bold now my children. Stand on your power and honor your life. Keep caring for me and I will be with/for you at all times. Hold your light and anchor it here. Let me evolve through/with you, and together, let us create a new, amazing reality. I need you NOW. You can count on me, ALWAYS!”

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5 thoughts on “From the heart of Creation into the hearth of Earth

  1. I am glad it resonated dear Katy. Thank you for your (always) kind words and presence. Much love ❤ Be well. S*

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