Spiritual standstill

Spiritual standstill

Life calls us in, even though Nature is coming out (spring). We are now being invited to reflect on life, individually and collectively, and to consciously/intentionally choose the path that most serves us and serves the Whole. We are at a spiritual standstill (not a physical lock down!) that is much necessary for what’s next.

Now we have the gift of time to mature as souls, and to realize the greatness of the eternal Existence we belong to. Waves of awakening and heighten awareness crash on the shore of humanity. We are invited to work on our light, deepen our awareness and enlarge our sight. It’s time to reach deeper/higher levels of being/reality. By serving ourselves – truly, deeply, spiritually – we are serving our World (Humanity/Earth). By elevating our spirits individually, we are allowing the collective to rise.

Life is calling us to expand towards a magnificent reality as a Whole, a new amazing level of existence never experienced before. Our alignment and input is key, as we are active partners of Creation. The NEW WORLD/AGE will emerge soon. It’s already visible from our (spiritual) standstill. So, let’s continue to co-create as beautifully as it seems…

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

John Lennon

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15 thoughts on “Spiritual standstill

  1. I am pretty well, under divine grace. I hope you doing ok as well. God bless you ALWAYS dear friend. In the light, S*

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  2. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedback. I am glad it resonated. Take care & be well. S*


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