Spirals of light

Spirals of light

Cosmic currents of light spiral around, whispering codes of ascension to the Earth and humankind. From beyond space and time, truth emerges with new revelations, infused with mystery and magic. Creation and releasing blend in a silent dance to heal/regenerate the hearts of Earth and of man. Lightworkers play with the light, allowing streams of higher energy/realities to anchor here now. The Universe invites us to open magical portals and to activate them wherever we are. We are precious seeds for global awakening/ascension, planted where most needed at this time.

Crystallization of higher levels of consciousness/existence massively takes place. The journey ahead is paved with rainbows. The next station gains golden contours. The new Earth/Age starts to appear so clearly that leaves no doubts. Deep peace, love and harmony prevail within/around all beings: flowers blossom joyfully, animals enjoy their free, safe life, crystals shine brighter than ever, humans smile from the heart, exuberating kindness and serenity, at all times.

So let’s continue to play with the light and create the most beautiful wonderland upon the Earth. Our subtle role is to be co-creators for Universe/Divine dreams. Help from hidden realms/dimensions blesses us greatly at this time. All sorts of spiritual powers come to us from beyond, ancient times and future realities. Universe/Source conspires in our favor, believing fiercely in our potential. The Earth evolves to new, higher dimension as we upgrade our existential, conscious level of being. Reality emerges out of our (higher) consciousness. Trust and believe, because in a timeless perspective, it’s already here.

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