The doorway is here now

The doorway is here now

The doorway for self-realization/enlightenment exists in the here and now. We often miss it because our mind takes us repeatedly into the past or into the future. In this temporal flashing, we are taken from the only place/time where the access resides. Here and now, we are in this body that is our home and our vehicle for this human/life experience. Being aware of both, the present moment and the present body, is central for higher states of consciousness/existence. In touch with both, we open the door to our true, higher self and infinite potential.

Feeling our body and our energy allows us to dwell in the NOW, triggering our consciousness through the awareness of where we are and of who we are. Experiencing/being our essence allows us to tap into our sacredness and divinity. No admire that, for centuries, many religions had condemned/punished the body labeling it of being un-divine, devilish, sinful, etc. Because is through the body that one can be free and powerful, and free/powerful beings are no longer manageable. They are spiritual and divine.

The body is the medium for this life experience, as well as the mean to higher levels of consciousness/enlightenment/ascension. Many spiritual practices, such as mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, just to mention a few, bring us to the HERE NOW, the place/time where we are able to open the door and dwell into our true divine self. Here and now we ARE, and within ourselves are all answers. Missing our present moment/body is somehow missing ourselves, the I-am-divine-presence that IS at our most sacred inner core. Bringing our awareness to the HERE NOW is the key to access this magical doorway of soul truth.

“Life is now”

Eckhart Tolle

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