Honoring life

Honoring life

Honoring life is the ultimate way of living. From an awakened standpoint, we are able to step into a state of deep gratitude for the grace of our earthly, felt-as-heavenly experience, and into an admiration state for all life – ours and of others. Not just humans, but of all beings. In the complex web of life we are all interconnected and, therefore, ONE. No one is alone/isolated. Life in itself extends through all of us and naturally expands/evolves towards undreamed possibilities. Becoming aware of it, while living upon the Earth is priceless.

Honoring life may take many forms, all permeated by love and, consequently, filled with respect. True love naturally implies deep respect. Life in itself becomes a celebration when both are present in all our experiences. The pleasant and unpleasant moments are experienced with gratitude, because eventually they are all blessings, even if in disguise. Later on, we often realize with appreciation why they were on our path.

Honoring our heart is the secret to honor life. Our heart holds our truest divine core, which is essentially aligned with life. The more we cultivate/awaken love and respect there, the more we make it a sacred place. On consecrated ground, the seeds of kindness and compassion sprout naturally. Growing under constant care, they add value to our life and to life as a whole. It’s also important to weed the fields of our heart and to be cautious about any toxic substances potentially threatening life. Having a wholly, organic spiritual perspective/ways is crucial for lifelong ONENESS, the last stage in honoring life.

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14 thoughts on “Honoring life

  1. Thank you beautiful soul for your kind words. I am glad that my posts ressonated within. It feels good to have you as part of my meaningful connections. Be well and in the light. Many blessings S* ❤🍀🌈

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  2. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedback and kind words. I am glad it resonated. Much love and blessings, S* ❤

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  3. I am glad it resonated dear George. Much love and blessings in all your ways. S*


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