Calling the Mother

Calling the Mother

I am calling in the Mother feeling Her calling me from within/around/beyond. In silence, we commune with each other and share our beautiful love. In Her lap, I find peace. In Her heart, I rediscover unconditional love. In Her womb, I recreate myself. The dormant me awakens to fully express life as an extension of Her. Embraced within by Her grace and blessed at all times by Her care, I feel carried through life with ease and purpose.
In silence, the Great Mother whispers to my heart transmissions of love that activate my heart center to a higher level of feeling and existence. The petals of my heart chakra open to something new/vast, just acknowledged by the endless realms of soul. In deep reverence, I surrender to Her call. Out of compassion, She invites me to drop within, into the sacred space of the heart, to return to love. The basic spiritual expression of being/soul (love) seems to be locked down and forgotten by the dense experiences in the 3D world.
In a mix of remembrance, devotion, reverence and surrender, I feel dropping the walls/masks, fully trusting and believing in this bigger-than-me divine feminine energy, which also resides within. It’s an ancient relationship, as old as my eternal existence. It’s so familiar that even the mind don’t have arguments to question what’s going on inside. Her vastness is as big as Her depths. Full of mystery and of magic, of sacredness and of liveliness, she permeates my/our essence with the creative energy that quietly and wisely waits for the best tide, moon, season, etc to express LIFE.
In order to take the most out of this connection, I was spiritually guided towards grounding. Grounding helps us to bring our spiritual light/work into the physical realm and allows us to experience/express life IN THIS world. Interestingly, Alana Fairchild (in Lightworker Oracle) describes grounding as “the spiritual version of remembering to call your mother”. Mother Earth is one of the facets of the divine feminine that each day holds us and nourishes us with so much LOVE. We are the ones She calls to experience a higher level of life on Earth. Now is the time to answer Her call.

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14 thoughts on “Calling the Mother

  1. Thank you shinning & beautiful soul for your nomination, but I no longer do awards. Instead I would prefer to keep your friendship and meaningful connection. I do accept with gratitude your consideration and kind words. Have a blessed day/life 🌞 always in the light. S*

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  2. Thank you dear friend for your feedback and being part of my meaninful connections. Much light, be well. S* 🌈


  3. I am glad it resonated dear Amira ❤ It’s indeed a very profound experience/remembrance. Much love, be well, S* ❤

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