Tree’s magical aura

Entering the aura of a tree is felt like entering an invisible chamber of deep peace. In their vicinity, the silence from beyond is absorbed within, touching the deepest center of our being. It’s a calming, smoothing experience that dwells us in instant well-being, raising our vibration and expanding our awareness towards a higher state of being. I just love to pass by a tree (even if in the city) and to feel their embrace of silence and peace. They naturally draw my attention (even when I am distracted), calling me silently into the spiritual essence of/in All-that-is.

Within their aura, we can hear their stories, their messages and their wisdom. In their intimate space, we can feel the sacredness residing within. In their presence, we are reminded of our greatness and the greatness of all life. Trees are great teachers and special friends for our spiritual journey. They have been praised and recognized as special sentient beings with many relevant spiritual facts reported on their surroundings. Buddha’s enlightenment below a bodhi tree, or the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima near a great oak tree, are some examples of this. Their presence naturally invokes the holiness permeating All-that-is.

Sometimes I ask them about their age (there are some millenary friends around!), other times they simply drop their messages spontaneously. I enjoy embracing them as my peers, and often, I ask them to tell all other trees in the world that I love them all. In response, I see/feel a global embrace of love spreading all over the Earth through their infinite root web. It seems they have a sense of global awareness and inter-connectivity, something we are just now becoming aware of it once again. Our long-term forgetfulness took us through the illusionary road of separation. As guardians of unity, trees seem to be silently assisting us to remember/recapture the sense of ONENESS, the ultimate lesson to embody/master before global ascension.

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20 thoughts on “Tree’s magical aura

  1. Beautifully written. Thank you. We live in a heavily treed area. That is why we live here and I feel a strong connection to the trees. At the end of the summer there was a big storm here that blew entire trees over from the roots. Many of the people were angry because the storm did a lot of damage to houses and power lines but there was an overpowering sense of grief and sadness from the trees

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  2. And we are much blessed for having them around. Thank you beautiful soul for your feedbakc and comment. Be well, be in the light, S* 🌈🌲💞

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  3. They are truly very, very special friends 🌲💞 and we are truly very, very blessed for having them around. 💞🌲 Thank you dear friend for your much appreciated comment. Be well, in the light, S*

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  4. This is beautiful, Susana. I love trees too, especially in winter when you can see the intricate outline of their branches … just like the one in your picture. Near us, there are many pockets of ancient woodland with trees that are hundreds of years old. It’s really humbling to stand in their presence, sharing the same patch of land where they have lived for so very much longer than we have. 🙂 x

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