Children of the sky

They came from the sky with a secret mission in name of the Light. They were seeded on Earth carrying mysterious codes inside. As shinning stars in the night sky, they bring beauty, peace and hope for those in the dark. Once they sprout, they radiate more and more of their advanced cosmic essence, full of divinity in all senses. They hold a kind heart and a very clear mind, being/seeing beyond the matrix where all are stuck under a veil of ignorance and forgetfulness, they cannot comply with. Sometimes, they may be inconvenient to a vicious, degraded system, which is completely out of alignment with Truth. Their journey may not always be easy, yet their experiences are meant to be fertilizer to fuel even more their growth/light. As they expand, they raise the energy all around. They are not here to rise alone. They agreed to uplift all Earth/Humankind, even if in undercover ways, before their birth. Such special beings are globally widespread. As invaluable cosmic jewels, they naturally emanate a special glow and innate etheric light, difficult to miss no matter how much they still work in disguise. They are easily recognized by the awakened ones and felt as a pleasant cosmic breeze overflowing an awakening call by the sleeping ones. Whatever the case, it’s a privilege to be in their presence.

Have you seen/are one of these children of the sky?

"Children of the sky
Open up your heart 
Tell me, how do you feel?  
Listen now, tell them everything 
Right here, right now  
All right, everybody, here in the world  
You are all the children  
Together now, unite, and fight, oh  
Open up your heart, now  
Peace, love for everyone" 

~ Bob Sinclar
World, Hold on (Children of the Sky)

© 2020 Susana Cabaco – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: Pixabay

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18 thoughts on “Children of the sky

  1. Thank you beautiful soul ❣ for you comments and presence here… much appreciated… stay blessed 🙏 always!!


  2. Awesome work Susana and may the blessings of the Almighty rests upon all your endevours as you keep spreading the light through darkness.
    Do you have any exchange or joint / partnership programs?

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  3. Children of the Light
    We are all
    If only we knew

    Children of the Light
    They will call
    Upon the Earth to heal

    Children of the Light
    Dream of Eden
    Dream it real

    Children of the Light
    Light light
    Together, Love and Light

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  4. I’m glad to hear from you Susana and relieved to hear that you are well and simply taking some time out from blogging. I do that myself when I feel the need. I’m not on Instagram, but I may have a look in at your page some time. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter either . . . I think it would drive me mad! 😀
    Have a good and fruitful break and all the very best for 2021! xx

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  5. Thank you beautiful soul for reaching out to me and for all your care… i am okay under divine grace… just having a pause from blogging, it was a soul demand for deeper inner growth… things are changing fast, and some things can’t be postponed… i am still posting some short (deep) memes on Instagram… if you are there, maybe you like to follow @cabacosusana… be well, be always in the Light. Much love💖


  6. Hello Susana,
    I haven’t seen you posting for a while now and was wondering if you are okay. I hope you are safe and well. xx

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  7. And i feel really blessed for having YOU as my spiritual mate… Much love dear Jason… May the light be always with you. S*

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