Honour the sacred inter-connectivity among All-that-is

Within your being and within all Existence lies a sacred inter-connectivity that “works” under divine order and grace. It is a sacred fluidity of energy/light/life that permeates and links all things/beings/events/realities, beyond any limitations. Honour that… in this sacred inter-connectivity, we are One. Your breath here now is connected to the birth/death of all stars in all galaxies, throughout all multiverses. The life force energy that sustains your body is the same that runs through the sacred cosmic pathways. There is no you and I, no them and us, no there and here… only a continuous, fluid extension of the Same. Unity is the natural state of Existence. The old shamanic belief that “All-that-is is Alive” resumes it in perfection, and that is why, our ultimate way of living is to live in harmony with All-that-is.

"All-that-is is Alive" ~ Old Shamanic Belief

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